Aged Care Advisory Service provides Nurse Advisors, Interim Senior Managers and more. Our service enables providers to access resources required to address issues, including serious compliance issues that arise, which can have significant impact on viability.

Through an extensive networking and collaboration model Aged Care Advisory Service can mobilise team members quickly throughout Australia to assist Providers who may be facing compliance issues, or who have identified unacceptable risk emerging in their organisation, Residential Aged Care Facility, Home Care or Community Care Service.

Our experience includes management and rectification work across all the Aged Care Standards, together with solid track record in resolving all aspects of Non-Compliance, across all Aged Care Standards, including issues associated with Covid outbreaks in a number of RACS throughout Australia.

Our Principal Consultant, John Moore, together with the network team, have significant experience in aged care. This includes experience working in roles such as CEO, Operational Management, Clinical Management and Quality and, are experienced Eligible Advisors and Nurse Advisors.

The way we engage with our clients is a model of partnership, where we work “with you” and utilise your current systems and processes wherever possible to enhance your business, and to ensure our partnership with you results in sustainable outcomes.

Aged Care Advisory Service considers each Provider and assignment unique and would be pleased to discuss any requirements you may have, both ongoing and time critical.

Please contact us via John Moore on 0418 772 616 or agedcareadvisor@bigpond.com